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Art Crescendo 2014 - 2015

ART CRESCENDO :: 2014-2015

         Members Exhibition


Ron Ketchum, "Earth"                      Acrylic on canvas, 3' x 4'

Price $1200

Ron Ketchum, Globe Flower,        Acrylic on canvas, 55"x44"

Price $4200

Mary Rapp Reakes, Spring Fling Photography 11'' x 14"

Price $200

Will Page, Tilling The Mind Field      Acrylic on canvas 4'x 6' 

Price $2400                                        


Nils Casperson, Stockholm Abstract, Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x 48"


Marcia Mundrick, Wild Fire Sunset,  Acrylic on canvas, 16"X 20"

Price $200

Marcia Mundrick, Sails,                Acrylic on canvas "20"x 20"

Price $200


Peter Pinkerton, Coral Garden             Photography on canvas, 26"x 38"

Price $300


M. Rapp Reakes, Protect The House Photography, 11" x 14"

Price $300  SOLD


Mary Rapp Reakes, Spirit Animal          Photography 11" x 14"                                                                                              Price $250                          


John Bailey, Panorama,         Photography

Price $600.00 SOLD


Nils Casperson, Scandaga,         Acrylic on Canvas 40"x50",


David Braun, Snow Shadows             Watercolor, 20"x 24"

Price $295

David Braun, Webster Park,            Watercolor. 9"x12"

Price $295 SOLD


Peter Pinkerton Anemone Fish             Photography on canvas 25"x 36"

Price $300


Denise Heischman, Transformation      Acrylic on Canvas , 30"x40"    

Price, $3,000      


Wendy Hastings, Clam Shell Orchid,    Photography,



John Bailey, Pond Mist


Price $250.00

Robert Heischman, Monkey See,      Oil on canvas, 11x14"

Price $1000

Robert Heischman, Pot Stall            Oil on canvas, 11"x14'

Price $1000               

Peter Pinkerton,  Keepers View  Photography, on canvas    Price $225          

Peter Pinkerton, Keepers View Photography, on canvas

  Price $225          


Denise Heischman, Long Journey, Acrylic on Canvas,18"x 2"

Price $2,000  SOLD    


Wendy Hastings, Bat Flower, Photography